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Good Day Alabama for February 7, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for February 7, 2013:

JEH JEH - Jeh Jeh joined us this morning to celebrate Black History Month with the Carver High School Choir under the direction of Bobby Stringer.

TAX HOTLINE - Beth Arnett, with the Alabama Society of CPA's joined us this morning to talk to you about tax season. We will be doing another Tax Help Phone Bank this year, which provides you with free tax assistance.
The Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants will join us to take your questions through our phone bank from 5-6:30pm on Tuesday, February 12th.

DR. ASA - Dr. Asa popped in this morning to take your questions on Facebook and Twitter! Known as America's Health and Lifestyle Coach®, Asa Andrew, MD is a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit dedicated to health education and supporting the uninsured. He has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health.  You can post a question on the Good Day Alabama facebook page or send it through the Good Day Challenge on twitter.  Our handle is @GDA_Challenge.

BARGAINOMICS - Judy Bates, the Bargainomics Lady joined us this morning with some deals! Judy was in the Chico's outlet in Foley a couple of weeks ago and landed the $64.95 jacket she wore today for just $14.97.  Earlier this week Judy did a little shopping in Design Savvy on Lake Dr SE in Bessemer and wanted to show you some of the fabulous deals she found there. Most of their merchandise comes from a home shopping network that regularly sell it for 70% off list price. Right now it has toggle coats for $19.99 and everything else is 50% off the already discounted prices. She showed us a B. Makowsky purse that normally sells for about $250 but she found it in the bonus room for $69.99 along with a set of queen-size flannel sheets was only $10. Your local Rite Aid Pharmacy has some great deals this week. Thru Saturday, all Nature's Bounty or Flex-a-min Vitamins & Supplements®ion=eastare BUY 1, GET 1 FREE with your RiteAid Wellness+ Card - if you don't already have one, they're free. Just ask for one when you visit RiteAid. Looking for a overnight, weekend or Valentine's getaway spot? Alabama's State Parks are offering some great deals right now. Like OAK MOUNTAIN STATE PARK; now thru the end of this month cabin rentals are $85 a night. Call (205) 620-2520 for reservations or more information.  And JOE WHEELER is offering a Valentine's Package while rooms are available. Stay any night Feb. 14-16 for $125 and that includes your room for two people, plus dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning. For more info or reservations, call (256) 247-5461.  For more information you can find it on the GOOD DAY ALABAMA page of

PET OF THE WEEK - Greg Winters from the Shelby County Humane Society introduced us to a pet looking for a forever home. His name is Winnie. There are many pets that need homes! For adoptions, call (205) 669-3916 extension 22 or visit

HOME HOW TO - Tom Lamkin from Marvin's Home Centers joined us  with the scoop on planting roses right now! Now is a great time to plant roses, shrubs, azaleas, and trees.  As long as the ground isn't frozen, you can safely plant.  Fall and spring are the best time to plant because the daytime temperatures aren't that high.  High temperatures put a lot of stress on a plant and can keep it from growing well when first planted.  Be sure to water well and daily after planting.  Packaged roses are dormant bare root roses with a few upright canes and a mass of roots packaged in saw dust shaving mixture.  They must be planted in early spring to survive, the shelf life on them is 8 weeks.  The longer days, more sunshine and warmer soil will quickly "awaken" your planted rose after you've planted them. Packaged roses are more economical than a container rose, they are easy to plant, and you can plant them really in the season so you can get your gardening season started early.  Planting a bare-root rose involves a little more than a container rose:
1. Hydrate bare-root roses by soaking them in a pail of water for a day before planting.
2. Dig a hole 2' wide by 2' deep.  You want good soil, so amend the soil with Miracle Gro Rose Soil or peat moss.  Form the soil in the bottom of the hole into a cone.  The cone will support roots and hold the rose in place while you fill in the rest of the hole with the amended soil.
3. Prune roots and canes before planting.  Prune roots back to 8" to 10" so they'll fit in the hole without crowding.  Remove any damaged canes.
4. Spread out the roots over the cone and sill with amended soil until hole is 2/3 full.  
5. Slowly run water into the hole to remove air pockets in soil.  Then finish filling in the hold with amended soil and mound soil 8" around the plant to collect water and direct it towards the roots.  
6. After a few weeks of careful watering, you can remove the protective mound of soil when the roots are established and buds and leaves are showing.
7. Provide the rose with 1" to 2" of water per week.  Drip irrigation through a soaker hose is best way to water roses as it deliveries water right to the root system while keeping foliage dry which helps avoid disease.
8. Roses prefer full sun (at least 6 hours a day) so before planting make sure it will get plenty of sun.  Full sun promotes healthy growth and flower development.  If planting more than one rose, space roses 2 to 3 feet apart as this provides good air circulation which helps keep diseases at bay and makes pruning easier.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama
, Jeh Jeh takes us to the World of Wheels to check out all the cars and fun for you this weekend! Our resident Gossip Mom joins us with the latest scoop out of Hollywood on all of your favorite celebrities! She even has exciting news about a new project of her own! We check out the hottest toys for 2013 that all of your kids and friends will want! The Bargain Mom joins us in the studio with some great deals! Mickey visits with his buddies at the Birmingham Zoo... Plus we check out all your business headlines! And comedian Christina Pazsitzky joins us with a few laughs! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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