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Autopsy to be performed on Midland City kidnapping suspect


An autopsy is expected to be performed today on Jimmy Lee Dykes, the man who killed a Dale County bus driver and held a child hostage. It will determine the exact cause of his death, although investigators say he was killed in a firefight with federal agents.

On Wednesday, those agents completed their work at the crime scene where Dykes kept the boy named Ethan in a bunker for seven days. Two bombs were found at the site; no others were found during their final check of the scene.

Evidence response teams will now process the scene. A shooting review team from Washington is also there and will review the facts of the case. As for how agents got to Dykes, our Raycom sister station in Montgomery reports that Dykes climbed a ladder in the bunker, to get new supplies from agents. That is when officials threw a flash-bang device to stun him and they moved in to rescue Ethan.

A motive for Ethan's kidnapping has not been released.

A group is petitioning president Obama to invite the family of Alabama bus driver Charles Poland to the White House and mention him in his State of the Union Address. Jimmy Lee Dykes shot and killed Poland last week before taking Ethan off the bus and holding him hostage.

Following the tragic hostage situation in Midland City, the Alabama Legislature wasted no time introducing legislation to protect school buses. A senate committee passed legislation Wednesday to make trespassing on a school bus a crime in Alabama.

Transportation Director for the state's education department, Joe Lightsey says the hostage situation, only highlights a growing problem in the state. If passed into law, the legislation would be named after Dale County bus driver, Charles Poland.

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