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Gun control to be big issue for Legislature


The Alabama Legislature will kick off the 2013 session on Tuesday. Gun control is at the top of the list for many law makers.

After the murder of students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, President Barak Obama has been pushing for gun control legislation. State lawmakers, Republican and Democrats, are moving to protect gun owners. State Senator Scott Beason of Gardendale will be sponsoring a bill to clarify where lawful gun owners can carry a weapon.

"So gun owners will know what they can and can not do. We are supportive of the second amendment. We want to be sure lawful citizens are not harassed or bothered when they are exercising their second amendment rights," Beason said.

Beason said some cities and counties are trying to restrict where people can carry a weapon.

Several senators and representatives have already pre-filed bills regarding guns and ammunition. Senator Roger Bedford of Russellville is sponsoring a bill that would allow workers to keep guns locked in their cars while they are at work and Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden is sponsoring a similar bill in the House.

Bedford says he has had several constituents say they were fired or threatened to be fired because they had guns in their vehicle at work. He feels these people need their gun for protection to and from work; that is why he is proposing this bill.

"So an employer cannot terminate an employee who is legally licensed to carry a fire arm it locked up and out of sight in their vehicle in the parking lot," Bedford said.

Bedford says he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and believes gun restrictions should be limited.

But not everyone agrees with protecting gun rights. Democratic Representative John Rogers says he is against some of the legislation that will be introduced this session.

"This is Alabama. This is not Texas. We can wear a gun outside. Play and draw. It's a licence to kill," Rogers said.

Rogers believes Alabama will turn into the "wild, wild west" if we don't crack down on gun control.

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