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Representative discusses Dale County hostage situation


A 5-year old boy is spending a third night as a hostage in an underground shelter in Dale County, Alabama.

Negotiators have been talking through a 4-inch-wide ventilation pipe to the man holding the boy.

Police say the suspect, Jimmy Lee Dykes, pulled the child off a school bus and killed the bus driver on Tuesday.

Now we're learning why he was taken off his school bus, and how his family is handling the ordeal.

According to Representative Steve Clouse, who is with the family, the child was sitting directly behind the bus driver. The child was the closest to the door, and the easiest to grab. Clouse says the family does not know Dykes.

Clouse also tells us the family is holding on by a thread. "It's very tough and emotional, we're just sitting in a waiting game," said Rep. Clouse.

Authorities say right now they believe the boy is unharmed. "The suspect let him get his medicine on Tuesday night, hopefully he's taken that medicine,' said Rep. Clouse. "You just don't know what the situation is cooped up in a storm shelter like that, fallout shelter, whatever he wants to call it."

The medicine was to help with the little boys Asperger's, and ADHA, says Clouse. The capture also allowed for one more thing to come in the bunker, something the little boy asked for. "He wanted his coloring the next day and they were able to get his coloring book from his house, authorities were able to get that down to the shelter," said Clouse.

All the family can do is wait and pray for the best. "We really don't know what moves to make next, just hoping the suspect will have a change of heart," said Clouse. "It's wearing on them now. It's going to be real cold tonight. We just have to wonder how long this can go on."

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