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Bill proposed to help prevent school bus dangers


Legislation aimed at preventing dangers on school buses is in position to move through the State House after a bus driver was killed and a 5-year-old was taken hostage by a man in Midland City.

Senator Cam Ward is sponsoring a bill to make trespassing on a school bus a criminal offense. Alabama's current law only applies to property and buildings; it does not specifically address school buses.

Some parents say driving a bus is a thankless job and drivers may not be getting the protection they need.

"I'm surprised, because if you trespass the school property, it's an offense, so it look like you should be charged with a criminal offense if you violate that school bus, walking up on it," said Allen Chapel.

"It's pretty important, kids getting on the bus. You need somebody that's dependable and safe," said Wondale Williams.

"They definitely need the extra laws, the extra insurance, anything," said Bennetta Carter.

The school bus protection bill was originally proposed last year. It has been pre-filed in the up-coming legislative session.

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