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Patient confusion, money woes continue at Cooper Green

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Since Jefferson County voted to transition Cooper Green Mercy from a hospital to an urgent care facility, a lot people are not keeping their doctor's appointments.

"Which means a thousand people didn't show up. A doctor assigned to them didn't show up and that means another thousand who wanted to see a doctor had to wait a day or two," David Carrington, President of the Jefferson County Commission, said.

Wednesday, Jefferson County Commissioners were informed that many patients are not keeping their appointments because of misconceptions that the medical facility is closed.

"It is very important. There is so much miscommunication out saying Cooper Green is closed. Cooper Green is not closed. We must get that information out next month," Sandra Brown, Jefferson County Commissioner, said.

The commissioners were informed that since the transition 1,600 new people have asked for blue cards to get medical care at Cooper Green.

Still, commissioners are concerned about hospital's continued funding problems. A preliminary audit shows a $16 million deficit from 2011 to 2012.

"We are now in new model. It will be interesting to see what it is this year but lets face it this year is year of transition. I expect loses again this year," Carrington said.

Jefferson County Commissioners are hoping next year they will finally see the deficits stop and the financially troubled Cooper Green would be less costly to operate.

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