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Work not fast enough at Green Meadow Apt. to beat deadline

Towels pack water heaters. Towels pack water heaters.
Water pours from ceilings. Water pours from ceilings.
Fecal matter, mold and milder remain in bathrooms. Fecal matter, mold and milder remain in bathrooms.

It's a story that's been getting a lot of attention lately. There is some progress being made at Green Meadow Apartments, but not enough to meet the city's deadline. Now a new deadline has been set.

Tenants at Green Meadow Apartment Homes off the Southern Boulevard have been living with raw sewage, mold and mildew for months. City inspectors gave management five days to correct the problems, and Tuesday was the deadline.

Now, city officials tell the 12 News Defenders that since more work needs to be done, they'll issue a formal notification Wednesday giving the apartment owners 60 days to finish the repairs. But is two months enough time?

"You got from 2008 until now. Sixty days, I don't think so," Montgomery resident Jennifer Gholar said of the new deadline.

WSFA 12 News returned to Gholar's apartment after maintenance supposedly addressed her raw sewage issue. Gholar says it looks like a bandage job to her.

"As you can see, we still have mold under the counters. This whole kitchen needs to be gutted. All this carpet needs to be taken up and taken out of here," Gholar explained.

Carpet in the hallway and living room has been removed, and the rooms are being aired out, but Gholar says it's still not fixing the issue.

"I'm letting this water out, but's going to flow down on Jennifer," Montgomery resident Alma Hill said. As Gholar's upstairs neighbor, Hill says whenever she uses her bathtub or toilet, it drips down into Gholar's bathroom and even into her kitchen sink.

Hill says she just got a call from management saying maintenance checked her plumbing, but she says that's not the issue.

"They are out here on the premises. The trucks were out here yesterday. The plumbing truck was out yesterday. Other people were out. They are out working, but I don't know can they [meet the deadline]. Honestly, I don't know whether they can do it. My unit is full of mold," Hill said.

Hill says like many other residents dealing with mold, mildew and raw sewage, she just doesn't see how all the issues will be fully resolved in two months.

"I've been in some of their apartments. It's going to take day and night and a lot of man power."

The 12 News Defenders reached out again to local management and, initially, the leasing office was closed, but later re-opened. Sean Standford, who says he doesn't want to go on-camera, said he would check to see if upper management wanted to go on-camera. 

Standford is the same manager who said he would give WSFA 12 News a statement in previous reports but failed to do so.

City inspectors say they will continue to check the progress of repairs.

WSFA 12 News will continue to follow this story.

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