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Vestavia transferring emergency dispatch to Shelby County


Calling 9-1-1 in Vestavia Hills soon gets you the Shelby County dispatch center.  The Vestavia Hills City Council approved the change Monday merging their dispatch center with the one in Shelby County. Vestavia needed some pricey updates. Rather take on that cost, the city decided to join forces with Shelby County's 9-1-1.

The Shelby County executive director says the merger saves money.  He says by working out of one building, both agencies will share the cost of the dispatching systems used for communicating which are millions of dollars. 

Once the call centers are joined, the Vestavia calls will be answered by any dispatcher in the center not just those from Vestavia.  But the director says that won't be a problem.  He plans to make sure all callers are familiar with the new area they'll be working.

"We already cover a lot of geography our employees know a vast bit of land. Our dispatchers will get to know Vestavia as well.  We will send dispatchers out to learn landmarks and bring in some of their dispatchers as well to supplement," executive director, Alan Campbell said.  

As a part of the merger, seven of the current 11 Vestavia dispatch positions will carry over to Shelby County's call center.  Those employees will have to interview again but will get the first shot at the jobs.

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