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Alabama reaction to immigration reforms divided


Reaction was strongly divided Monday among people in Alabama for and against changing the nation's immigration laws.

Monday, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators agreed on a plan for revamping the nation's immigration laws. The proposal calls for increased security along the board, guest workers and a pathway to citizenship.   

Hispanic advocates in Alabama said they are happy to see the compromise.

"We are really pleased we got a bipartisan group of senators to come together to say we have to do something and provide a path to citizenship," said Isabel Rubio with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

Gardendale Sen. Scott Beason helped write and sponsor Alabama's law to crack down on undocumented workers. Beason says the devil remains the details over this proposed compromise.

"I do like the part which says we have to solve the problem at the border first and nothing can happen until after that is done," Beason said.

Beason says he is worried the agreement may allow more undocumented workers into the country who, in turn, could take jobs away from those seeking work.

Rubio says her organization would not be for setting quotas as a part of any agreement. Rubio believes the compromise came about in Congress due to influence of the hispanic vote in the presidential election.

"I do believe the Republican party had a serious wakeup call in November," Rubio said. "The second election of President Obama that happened in part because of the hispanic community."

Beason also has doubts.

"I think there are Republicans swayed by other big business donors who have always want to offer some kind of amnesty program," Beason said.

Tuesday, President Barak Obama is scheduled to address what he wants to see in any immigration reform package.

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