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One intern's perspective on life at FOX6

(photo source Kimberly Richardson/WBRC) (photo source Kimberly Richardson/WBRC)

The following was written by Kimberly Richardson, one our interns here at FOX6, about her experience here the past few days.

So far my internship at Fox 6 has been unbelievable. Even though I have only been here for three days, I feel as if I have been here for so much longer, doing anything from working at the Assignment Desk to going out in the field with reporters.

I have enjoyed each experience I have had so far, but must admit my favorite one happened this morning. On Fridays I work the 4 a.m. - 12 p.m. shift, which may sound horrible at first, but I have come to realize so much happens during these early hours, which makes the day even more exciting.

Today I went on a Live Shoot at the BJCC Arena for Barnum and Bailey Circus with Kerry Nivens and Jeh Jeh Pruitt. Kerry and I packed up the Live Truck around 5 a.m. and were on our way to set up. We arrived at the arena and started putting cables together and making sure all the equipment was where it was supposed to be. Once everything was in place, we talked to the talent that would be featured in the shoot. The clowns had such a great sense of humor and had me juggling within the hour, with only two balls I might add. On top of the clowns being there, once Jeh Jeh arrived the arena was bursting with enthusiasm.

I have never laughed so much while being on the job and learning so much at the same time. The amount of energy the two of them brought to the workplace was incredible and made me feel like I wasn't even working. I couldn't imagine ending my first week at Fox 6 on a better note. This week has been such an amazing experience and I can't wait to learn even more in the months to come from a great team!

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