Attorney: Gardendale pastor in a dark place leading up to shooting

Henry Lagman is representing Dr. Terry Greer. Source: WBRC video
Henry Lagman is representing Dr. Terry Greer. Source: WBRC video

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - The attorney for a Gardendale pastor who shot his wife and daughter and then stabbed himself tells FOX6 News that the pastor was caught in a perfect storm of personal and professional problems.

Henry Lagman represents Dr. Terry Greer, former senior pastor for Gardendale-Mt. Vernon UMC. He says he's know the Greers a very long time and that Greer loves his family. However, Lagman tells FOX6 that the family was going through a very hard time and that mentally, Greer was in a dark place.

Greer remains in the hospital recovering from self-inflicted stab wouds and Lagman has visited him almost every day. When Greer recovers he'll be charged with the shooting death of his wife, Lisa, and the attempted murder of his 18-year-old daughter, Suzanna.

Lagman wants to get the story out about Greer's situation.

"The Terry we know and love would not have done this," Lagman said. "I think because in a perfect storm of psycological, personal, and professional problems he perceived...I think Lisa was aware of what was going on."

Lagman says he thinks Lisa Greer corresponded through email to a lot of people and that's going to be the missing link in this case.

Lagman says Greer's problems started in October 2012 after a car accident left him with health issues. Soon after, Greer fell 20 to 30 fet from his deck, landing on his head. He suffered a serious brain injury, which allegedly led to mental problems.

Lagman says Greer's wife was trying to get her husband help.

"You have a wife that is trying to do everything she can to return her husband to his ministry and do everything she can to see he gets treatment. His mental condition continued to deteriorate," Lagman said.

In December 2012 Lagman says Greer was admitted to a psychiatric ward at Brookwood Hospital. He was released on Christmas Day but was continuing to get treatment. The shooting happened 16 days after his release.

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