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Residents hope for better 2nd term under Obama


At the Village Green Park in Millbrook, there was a strong feeling the country will slide into more trouble under President Obama over the next 4 years. 

Janice Powell, for example, says her cabinet business dropped more than 60% in just two years. 

"People don't have jobs and I just don't feel hopeful," said Powell. 

Others say all they know to do is pray. 

"I just pray the economy will get better," said Peggy Kezer. 

On the flip side there are those who belileve the President by and large has done a decent job the first 4 years. As for the next 4 years they tell WSFA 12 News it's a matter of holding on, a matter of faith. 

Gwen Pickett is a supervisor with B&N Auto Detailing in Prattville. Pickett acknowledged the economy isn't what it could be but believes staying the course with President Obama is the right path. 

"I think we got to quit blaming the politicians and just hang on. I believe it will get better," said Pickett. 

The President's second term begins now and watching from afar will be folks like Powell and Pickett. They're overriding hope is they'll feel better in 4 years than they do today.

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