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Petition to pardon former Ala. Governor Don Siegelman

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Source: WBRC video Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Source: WBRC video

Dana Siegelman, the daughter of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, has created a petition on asking President Obama to pardon her father.

Siegelman's family had hoped to learn if President Obama would act on a request to pardon the former governor by today's inauguration.

In April 2012, Don Siegelman was sentenced to six years and a half years in prison for conspiracy, bribery and other crimes. Federal prosecutors contended Scrushy bribed Siegelman to get reappointed to state regulatory medical board.

"No one has ever gone to prison for receiving money from a referendum campaign and re-appointing someone who has been on the board for 12 years," Dana Siegelman, Siegelman's daughter, said.

Dana launched a petition campaign in support of pardon for her father in August of last year. Since then more than 45,000 have signed the petition. President Obama has yet to act on the request. Siegelman says there is a backlog of pardons in the attorney's office.

"I truly believe Dad's case shines a light on a greater injustice with the system which is targeting of certain people over others," Dana said.

Siegleman has said he was indicted by a Republican justice department to hurt his political career and stage a return to the governor's mansion. Siegelman is hoping to have a 100,000 signatures by the time the president considers the request.

"Dad continues to be positive and I'm sure he does that for his children. He does not want them to worry. I'm not naive to the fact he is disappointed in the government, that he has been let down," Dana said.

Dana also says she hopes the attorney's office for pardons is moved out of the U.S. Justice Department because that agency indicted her father.

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