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Good Day Alabama for January 21, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for January 21, 2013:

School Safety
Capt. Matthew Bacik (Ret.) spoke about school safety ideas. Bacik is a former Army Ranger and CEO of The Bacik Group, which has helped fill security gaps for clients in Iraq and Afghanistan. He recently testified at a joint hearing with the Alabama House and Senate Education Policy Committee.

Inaugural Parade
The Calera High School Marching Band is representing Alabama today in the Inaugural Parade. Band director Ryan Murrell joined us by telephone to talk about how the band was chosen and the experience of marching today in Washington, D.C.

Beth K - Diet Drinks and Depression
UAB Nutritionist Beth Kitchin joined us to talk about the latest study on diet sodas and depression. The study does not show that drinking diet sodas cause depression. Here are some things Beth says you should keep in mind about the study:

- It is not the kind of study that can show cause and effect. We cannot say diet sodas cause depression - all we can say is that there seemed to be some sort of association between the two.
- This is not a published study. This study is slated to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in March. This is an important point for several reasons:
- First of all, this means that it has not been peer reviewed for publication. Other scientists review studies for quality before publication - not all studies get published - particularly if they are not well designed and carried out.
- The other thing this means is that the only information we have on the study comes from the press release - which does not give all of the data and statistics on the study. All the press release tells us is that soda drinkers who drank 4 cans of soda or more a day were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression, and it was higher if it was diet soda. Without all of data, we don't know what this really means. 30% more than what? They don't tell you. It's like having a coupon for 30% off something at WalMart but not know if it's 30% off of a candy bar or a big screen TV.
- The relationship between fruit beverages was higher than that of diet sodas yet diet sodas got the headlines.

The bottom line is that this study really doesn't show that drinking sodas puts you at risk for depression. Also, I don't recommend anyone drink 4 cans a day of any kind of soda. But if you drink 1 to 2 cans of diet soda a day, you are likely just fine!

Ask the Gardener
Libby Rich joined us this morning to answer your questions about gardening.

Jeh Jeh Live
Jeh Jeh joined us live this morning from the MLK Unity Breakfast at the BJCC in downtown Birmingham.

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