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TSA removing controversial, revealing body scanners from airports


The Transportation Security Administration is removing the last of a set of body scanners lawmakers said were too revealing from all U.S. airports.

The body scanners, made by OSI Systems' Rapiscan division, were thought to reveal too much when passengers were scanned at airport security checkpoints.

Charlotte Douglas had its removed last year.

"TSA has strict requirements that all vendors must meet for security effectiveness and efficiency.  Due to its inability to deploy non-imaging Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software by the Congressionally-mandated June 2013 deadline, TSA has terminated part of its contract with Rapiscan. By June 2013 travelers will only see machines which have ATR that allow for faster throughput.  This means faster lanes for the traveler and enhanced security.  As always, use of this technology is optional."

The Rapiscan scanners were also heavily criticized by several groups for being too revealing and exposing passengers to an unhealthy level of radiation.

Rapiscan informed the TSA that it would not be able to meet a June 2013 deadline for a new software program that would correct the problems.

The 174 Rapiscan body scanners remaining at airports across the U.S. will be phased out over the next several months.

The TSA is replacing the scanners with new one's made by L-3 Communications, which only show generic passenger images, according to the TSA.

PreCheck passengers will still only be required to go through a metal detector.

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