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Locals help with inauguration preps


It takes an army of people to get things in place for a presidential inauguration. And sometimes it takes people who know the terrain to help get it done.  

That's the case for Ken Mullinax. Right now, he works as the spokesperson for Alabama State University.

But he spent years in Washington working in Congress and as a consultant with the State Department.

He headed to Washington on Thursday to assist with Monday's swearing-in ceremony and help train volunteers for that event and other events. 

"With the knowledge of the capital and the protocol, and knowing a person or two, I'm just glad that invited this old boy to the dance," Mullinax said.

Mullinax has worked past inaugurals, and is friends with Former White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs. He appreciates Alabama State University administrators for encouraging him to accept the invitation to assist with the event.

Meanwhile, another person with Montgomery ties will also play a role in Monday's festivities. Lieutenant Michael Cook of the U.S. Navy is a native of the capital city and is currently stationed at the Pentagon. He is currently a part of the planning group for the inauguration.

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