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Weather blog: Ice development possible tonight

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We've been in contact with our team of weather watchers, gauging the locations with snow still on the ground. It seems like there is still a good bit of snow on the ground in locations north of Tuscaloosa to Birmingham.

Also, east and northeast of Birmingham there is still snow cover. I think there could be a few spots with snow south of the mentioned locations, but I'm thinking these areas should mainly be in higher elevations.

The temperature in Birmingham is actually up to 39-degrees. The temperature in Cullman is up to 37. Since we are above freezing at this hour snow will be slowly melting away. However, the sky is clear and the snow cover will help to lower temps below freezing after midnight. Therefore, black ice and re-freezing will be an issue. We urge you to use extra caution tomorrow morning as patchy ice will be an issue. For all Friday closing information be sure to visit

January 2013 Snow...Some Observations

Today we dealt with a classic cold-core upper level low pressure system. It's amazing how we can be in the mid 30s and low 40s and hours later be dealing with heavy snow, or in today's case thundersnow. As the precipitation falls the colder air aloft is pulled closer to the earths surface. At one point in the afternoon the sun was shining with temps in the 40s in Tuscaloosa while Birmingham looked like a winter wonderland!

If the snow at peak intensity would have continued for a longer period of time, the surface temperature may have reached freezing and stayed there. The snowfall rate and intensity were key in the problems we faced today. I think the big surprise today was a convective band of snow that developed in the west and northwest part of the storm system. Just like severe storm events, we can always get a good handle on the areas favorable for severe weather but trying to nail down specific towns/communities can be a challenge, especially in the days leading up to an event.

The convective bands with embedded thunder dumped so much snow in a short amount of time that road conditions deteriorated in a hurry! As we analyze all of the data associated with this event I think we will find some of the highest totals in a zone that stretches from northern Pickens County east and northeast into southern Fayette, northern Tuscaloosa, Waler, Winston, Cullman, Blount, and northern Jefferson counties. Our weather watcher in Cullman reported 4" of snow today! We want to thank all of our viewers for the reports and the pictures.

Be sure to check our site for pics and also check our main site for the video of the thundersnow. As an Alabama native I've only witnessed this twice in our state, once during the superstorm of 1993 and today.

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