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Accused officer and victim testify in shooting trial


Testimony continues for a Birmingham police officer accused of shooting a man at the Birmingham Airport. Officer Manuel Diaz took the stand Wednesday, as did the man accusing him.

Marc Wittman says he was picking someone up at the airport and pulled into a spot in front of the terminal to wait. When Diaz told him to move, Wittman admits he sped off because he was in a hurry. As he came back to the terminal he looked up from his phone and saw someone standing in front of him, so he veered to miss them. He says a few seconds later he heard shots and realized he had been hit in the cheek.

Diaz told jurors the way Wittman sped off the first time, he thought Wittman posed a threat to public safety. Diaz says he tried to stop Wittman the second time he approached, but when the car did not stop, he pulled his gun and started to fire.

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