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Leeds PD warn drivers to be aware of deer

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Police are warning drivers in Leeds to watch out for deer as their presence on or near roads can be dangerous for driver and animals alike.

FOX6 News reporter Sherea Harris has experienced close calls with the wildlife and put in a call to the Leeds Police Department. They tell her that deer have been an issue in Leeds for a long time.

Deers are out and about more during this time of year as they try to keep warm and find food. Police have asked drivers on highways 119 and 78, Ziegler Road and Rex Lake Road.

Lt. Mancil Scogin says about twice a month there is a vehicle accident involving deer.

"We've had both, had deer run into side of vehicles, mostly it's vehicles hitting deer they appear suddenly," Scogin said. "It's more than frustrating, it's very dangerous. We've had some injuries due to deer striking vehicles."

It can happen in a split second so drivers are told to be aware of what's going on around their vehicle on the side of the roads. And using your bright lights is always a good idea.

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