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Jabari McGhee flies high off the court


There's a lot more to Jabari McGhee than you may think.  Jabari grew up in a two parent home with two sisters and one brother and didn't find basketball until middle school.  It's true basketball is just a game but its funny how sports often transcends and transforms those it touches.

"Its means a lot because it kept me out of so much trouble. It took me away from a lot of things and made me realize that there's more to life than what I was doing." Said Jabari

Now what he's doing is scoring over 18 points and snatching almost 10 boards per game. He's a star in the making. But not just on the court.

"He his a big heart. He like to help others. He likes to guide people to do the right thing. He has a big heart and I think that will go along with him." Said Jabari's father Derek McGhee.

"We're a very close nit family so anything they need to ask me they can ask me up front and anything I need to ask them I can ask them. We're very close so its creates a bond. Its great." Jabari added.

He's also a comedian.

"I'm goofy,all I do is play. You have to have fun. You gotta have fun because you only live once."

He may be a funny man but he also has a very serious decision ahead. Hundreds of college recruiting letters fill a shoe box in his room, each piece of paper a paves a different path.

"Somebody told me use basketball don't let it use you. So I'm using it to get to college and do whatever I have to do. If it takes me further than that then so be it."

So as one chapter closes for Jabari, another is soon set to begin

"The whole family is proud of him. We're just really looking forward to some big things for him. Really looking forward to it."

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