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Editorial: Saban and success

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Thursday, Jan. 10:

There are no shortcuts to success -- that is, sustained success.

This is a story behind the story of a national college football championship - behind four college football championships - three at Alabama and one at LSU.

It's a story that begins in a small town in West Virginia. A story of discipline that was developed, in childhood, engrained through hard work and the uncompromising expectations of a father for consistent results, for doing things the right way the first time and for treating all people with respect regardless of their station in life. Nick Saban learned all of this while working for his father at their family-owned gas station.

He shared his story during one of many interviews, providing insight to his value system explaining that there is a process to success. The process is not glamorous, but rather requires hard work and discipline. He endured countless interviews this week as reporters looked for that special angle, the magic that sets this man, this team, this football program, apart.

After the game, when asked what comes next, Coach Saban said they'd take a few days off and then begin working again for next year - begin the process again.

There is no magic, no shortcuts to sustained success - in football or in life.

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