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Shelby Co. Sheriff moves 9 deputies to school security detail

Sheriff Chris Curry. Source: WBRC video Sheriff Chris Curry. Source: WBRC video

Increasing school security without extra funding is the challenge the Shelby County Sheriff says he's faced with so he's making some tough choices.

Sheriff Chris Curry went before the Shelby County Commission Wednesday night asking for some extra funding. Commissioners however, want to take a look at other options, including working with other agencies to fund this cost. Sheriff Curry says there's no time to wait so he's pulling nine deputies off the streets and putting them in the schools.

This all comes after the recent shooting in Connecticut. Sheriff Curry says you can put all the locks on schools you want, but if someone with that intent wants in they will get in, which is why he wants a deputy in every school.

"Five minutes is a major period of time in one of these schools situations," said Sheriff Curry. "Five minutes and the damage is done. If you don't have someone there to react and intercede in that period of time, you then become a responsive mode. You're just there to detail and gather evidence, build the story of what happened, not to prevent it."

He explained his concerns to the commission and told them he would need extra funding for overtime expenses. But Lindsey Allison, the chairman of the commission, wants to wait. She says the funding isn't there, and feels this isn't just an issue for the county.

"I don't want ya'll or anyone to think we are not concerned and we are not at the table trying to find a resolution to this, but to come and assume we can just write as check, we can't, we don't have the resources to do that. We have to be smarter than that. We have to get all the players at the table to help us make the decision how to best handle this," said Allison.

Sheriff Curry says there isn't time so he will be pulling nine deputies off the streets. He says some services will be cut since there will be less deputies running calls. The commission says the sheriff has money in his budget for this, however, Curry says he doesn't.

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