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Editorial Comments: Newtown Tragedy

The following are comments to an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired Thursday, December 18, 2012:

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I was wondering why you don't have the courage to say the source of peace and the source of the problems that we are facing now is through Jesus Christ. God being put back in our schools, religion being put back in our schools, teaching the kids right from wrong, teaching the kids what it is to sin and the prices you have to pay. But it looks to me like some of the tv stations would have the guts enough to put the real problem, the real solution on the air for people to hear. And it looks like some of you people that are in the spotlight and have the power to broadcast what the real problem is, not just guns then maybe change might be made.

Jacqueline Birmingham

There is just no words to express how sad, my sorrow just goes out to them families and I had to just call and let you all know that.

Shannon Tuscaloosa

Media coverage has been nonstop since Friday. It was just nice to see Birmingham, AL, a ways away from CT that we are thinking about those there in our prayers.

Gary Empire

Jesus told his Apostles and Disciples, he said "you have heard it said the end of the world you're having tribulation but take courage, I have conquered the world". So just put your trust in Jesus. And those babies are doing just fine.

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