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Good Day Alabama for December 13, 2012

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for December 13, 2012:

JEH JEH LIVE - The Chocolate Nutcracker is a professional musical stage production by LaVerne Reed of New York. It is a spin off of the classic "Nutcracker" ballet that is narrated and features journeys of Claire, the principal dancer, through several exotic lands of Mali, West African, Africa, Egypt, Brazil, The Caribbean; the imaginary lands of Starflight and Dolls/Toyland, as well as the musical lands of Swing and Jazz. Scenes are performed in varied dance styles including swing, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap, modern, African and American pop. "Chocolate" Nutcracker refers to the type nutcracker Claire is presented by her Uncle, it is Belgian Chocolate, not a depiction that the performers are all people of color. Catch the Chocolate Nutcracker performance tomorrow (December 14th) at 7pm at Boutwell Auditorium.

KIDS & HOLIDAY SAFETY - Cecilia Pearson with Alabama Baby & Child Magazine joined us with a look at kids and holiday safety. She offered pointers on Christmas Tree Safety such as anchor the tree to the wall so that it can't be pulled down; consider putting a safety gate around the tree or using a table top tree or no tree at all for a couple of years; avoid placing breakable tree ornaments or ones with small, detachable parts on lower branches where small children or pets can reach them; & do not hang popcorn chains and candy canes on the tree when small children are present. They may think that other tree ornaments are also edible. When it comes to toy safety, she says be sure all of them are age appropriate before you child opens and plays with new toys. Follow toy labeling guides for recommended age requirements. And watch out for button batteries that are often found in musical greeting cards, remote controls, and other small electronics. They cause a serious risk to a child if swallowed. And when it comes to holiday parties, remember that the homes you visit may not be childproofed. So when going to another home, check for the following:
1.    Do they have a pool? Does it have a fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate? Can the children get to the area where the pool is located?
2.    Are there guns in the house? Are they stored unloaded in a locked box with the bullets locked separately?
3.    Are there small objects, such as hard candy or nuts in candy dishes, where younger children can get them?
4.    Are there gates on the stairs?

5.    Are medications, poisons household cleaners out of reach?
6.    Do they have a pet that may harm the children?

7.    If your child has food allergies, will they be serving that food?

For more ideas and information, visit

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON - As the economy continues to falter, millions are without jobs.  Savings are depleted.  No responses to resumes.  Unemployment benefits end.  Bill collectors call - and call - and call. Unfortunately many are thinking "I will never find a job."  " my bills", or  "....get another chance." Marianne Williamson shows us there is a way to a build a brighter financial future. "THE LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION: On Work, Money, and Miracles", offers a provocative new mental approach to our financial mindset.  The long-lasting economic downturn has had a major impact of millions of Americans -- jobs, homes, investments, and retirements have been devastated.  But it also affected our psyche on a deeper level, leaving many of us anxious about our day-to-day lives and future prospects. WILLIAMSON provides a fresh perspective on how to manage our financial condition and offers a path to abundance through the powerful spiritual principle called THE LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION.

DIY CRAFTS - With the holidays right around the corner, Michaels craft expert Danette Schader shows us some ideas for DIY holiday décor and fun and festive gift wrapping. For more ideas, visit

- A representative from the Shelby County Humane Society introduces us to a pet that needs a new home. For adoptions, call (205) 669-3916 extension 22 or visit

MUSIC - Pedro Moore performed "Oh Holy Night...." on the saxophone. Enjoy more from Pedro and other local artists, school choirs, and bands on Christmas morning right here on Good Day Alabama.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we check out jewelry ideas for the holidays.... We check out the latest trends to buy that special someone on your list! Plenty of drama in Hollywood and we get the scoop with our gossip mom in the best in buzz! And we have christmas music in the studio from Vann Burchfield! Mickey makes a new friend at the Birmingham Zoo! Plus we check out your entertainment and business headlines ... That and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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