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Experts say gas prices will continue to go down

We found gas for $2.99 per gallon today in Birmingham. Source: Vanessa Araiza We found gas for $2.99 per gallon today in Birmingham. Source: Vanessa Araiza

Valerie Scott wasted no time when she saw gas for less than $2.99 a gallon Wednesday.

"I said girl, I gotta turn around. I did a u-turn, I said, gas for 2.99 cent," said Scott.

Scott doesn't even live in Birmingham but she made it a point to stop at the Food Depot Quick Stop Shop to fill up and save.

When asked what she will do with the extra said, "I can go to the grocery store. I can go buy some groceries."

Over the past few months gas prices have come down from almost $4. Food Depot is the cheapest in the city so far. At one point gas even dropped to $1.99 Wednesday afternoon.

"Actually, it was 12-12-12 so we did, at 12:12 we did give everybody $1.99 per gallon gas," said store owner, Saleem Jan.

So why the price drop? Clay Ingram with AAA said there's two reasons.

"Our gas prices have been really overpriced quite a bit through 2012. Simply because crude oil prices have been much higher than really what's justified. It's just kind of that time of year when our demand drops because our summer travel season is way behind us," said Ingram.

Driver Greg Leong may not be running on fumes but driving 150 miles each day for work he'll take any savings he can.

"It makes a big difference, a very big difference. It's 20 percent lower than it ever has been for quite a while," said Leong.

Experts also say the more you price shop around the more you could see lower prices.

"We're not putting enough pressure on these gas stations to lower their prices and the way we do that is price shopping around for the lowest gas," said Ingram.

Or in Valerie's case making a u-turn and saving.

"You just would never know you wouldn't believe the savings. a lot," said Valerie.

Experts say when you price shop you don't have to drive across town to get the best deal. When you find the cheapest price in your area continue to take your business there. If everyone starts doing that other stations will most likely drop their prices too.

Experts say we could see these low prices leading up to March. WBRC News app users can find cheap gas prices by clicking "More" and then "Gas Prices."

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