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On Your Side: Privacy concerns over children's apps

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

There are now privacy concerns over children's apps after Federal Trade Commission announced information about kids is being collected and shared without parents' permission.

The FTC examined hundreds of apps for children and the organization was not happy with what the staff found out.

The FTC released its findings in a new report saying mobile apps for kids should tell parents what data is being collected from children, how it is being shared and who will have access to it.

Many of the apps included interactive features, like connecting to social media. The apps also sent information from the mobile device to ad networks and third parties, without disclosing these practices to parents.

While the FTC continues to monitor the situation, Ronda Robinson tells parents what they need to know before handing over that mobile device.

-Try out the apps your kid wants to use so you're comfortable with the content and the features.

-Look for privacy statements about kids' personal information. If you can't find them choose another app.

-Determine whether you can block or limit connections to social media or photo sharing.

-See if you can restrict the child's ability to download apps, make purchases or access additional material.

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