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Parent group pushes for a new Holt High School

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There's a push for a new high school in West Alabama.

Two weeks after Brookwood residents celebrated the groundbreaking of a new high school folks in Holt want to know, "What about us?"

Holt High School is by far the oldest school in the county system and the parent of one student tells FOX6 News it's hard to focus on learning when the building is falling apart around them.

"It broke my heart to see what my daughter has to learn in everyday," Amanda Bearden said.

Bearden is angry her 16-year-old daughter attends a school with molding ceilings, peeling paint and other structural issues.

"We have a hole here and we have a bathroom that is padlocked because the bathroom is in such bad shape," Bearden said.

Her group showed these pictures to the Tuscaloosa County School Board last night.

Today, FOX6 News went inside one classroom.

"It drips water and when water drips here, then that exposes the asbestos that's not covered up," a school staffer said.


Built in 1941, Holt High School shows plenty of wear and tear in 2012.

Principal Neal Guy believes it affects students in a bad way.

"All the high schools in Tuscaloosa County have been replaced or have new schools except for Holt," he said.

A new school won't be built before Bearden's daughter graduates next year.

She hopes that changes before her son attends school here in a few years.

"We have dilapidated facilities that are falling apart around and it's just not conducive to learning and it's not fair to students," Bearden said.

The group is giving the county school board 60 days to look over information they gave them last night.

In the meantime, they've started a Facebook page and started a petition to drive support to force the board to build a new school.

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