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Saying he had lot to lose, police cut Belcher 'a break' hours before he snapped


Kansas City police officers told Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher early Saturday that they would cut him a break after finding him passed out in his running Bentley outside of the Midtown home of a woman.

"You know you got a lot riding on it," an officer tells Belcher. "You know you've got a lot to lose, right?"

Belcher would be dead five hours later after he went home and argued with the mother of his infant daughter. He fatally shot Kasandra Perkins, 22, inside their east Kansas City home before rushing to Arrowhead Stadium where he committed suicide.

Kansas City police released dash cam video late Friday night in response to an open-records request from KCTV5's Eric Chaloux. The videos were posted on the police department's YouTube channel.

The videos released were of officers interacting with Belcher outside of the home of girlfriend Brittni Glass and officers responding to Arrowhead Stadium after Belcher showed up armed and wanting to talk to Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Police did not release dash cam video from their response to the shooting at Belcher's home.

"We're trying to cut you a break here," one of the officers told Belcher during the welfare check.

Police Capt. Steve Young said the officers acted appropriately in their dealings with Belcher in the pre-dawn hours on Dec. 1. He said officers had no legal reason to give Belcher a sobriety test or otherwise detain him.

"Once he got out of the car, they didn't smell alcohol on his breath," Young said. "He wasn't stumbling. He wasn't slurring so they didn't pursue it any further."

Young said officers may have been cordial and friendly once they discovered Belcher was a Chiefs player, but he said that's "a great compliance tool." He said Belcher absolutely did not receive preferential treatment.

"The officers did everything they're suppose to do. Legally, they didn't step out of bounds," Young said. "I don't know what they could have done differently."


Officers were called at 2:52 a.m. Dec. 1 to 701 E. Armour Blvd. on a suspicious person in a vehicle. The 911 caller said the car had been at the location for about two hours.

When authorities arrived, they spotted Belcher's Bentley in the back of a parking lot. He was seen sleeping in the driver's seat when officers knocked on his window.

"You live right here? You just need to go upstairs. Okay? That's going to be your best bet," one of the officers says to Belcher.

The video isn't always clear as to which of the three officers was speaking to Belcher.

"Your car is running and you are passed out inside of it," an officer told Belcher.

On Tuesday, a Kansas City Police Department spokesman said Belcher was not slurring his words and his balance was good. The spokesman said Belcher could have been drinking but he did not show any signs of being intoxicated.

However, offices early Saturday emphasized to Belcher that he should not be driving and they were glad he didn't flee the scene.

"I appreciate you not putting this thing in drive and taking off," one officer says.

The car check video released by police late Friday night has no audio for the first five minutes. Police said this was due to "an equipment failure."

In talking to the officers, Belcher emphasized that he was not driving the vehicle when he was found. Officers told him to go upstairs to his "girl" and stay for the night. Belcher also spoke about having a second girlfriend, which officers joked with him about.

"Y'all don't understand that. I got a deal with another girl, man," Belcher said.

One officer joked with Belcher that it would take him three years to earn enough pay equal to the value of Belcher's Bentley. Officers also joked about how they didn't want to be pursuing the Bentley in their police patrol cars and one officer said he would "take a class real quick" on YouTube about operating the Bentley. Officers said they would take care of rolling up the passenger window. 

At the end of the exchange, Belcher expresses his gratitude to the officers.

"Thank you. I appreciate it. I really do. You boys have a good one," Belcher said.

One of the departing officer replies, "See you later, dude."

Police would again see Belcher very soon but certainly not under circumstances anyone could have imagined.

Belcher's mother frantically called 911 at 7:52 a.m. to say that her son had shot Perkins multiple times and she was barely alive. She pleaded for ambulance to get there quickly while she begs the woman to stay with her.

After firing at least nine bullets into Perkins, Belcher kissed her forehead and apologized to her. He kissed his baby and then dashed from the home. He drove recklessly to Arrowhead where he called Pioli and asked him to meet him.

Chief officials called police just after 8 a.m.

The dash cam video of an officer responding to Arrowhead on a call of an armed man indicates the officers quickly knew it involved a Chiefs player who was the suspect in the shooting of Perkins.

Officers were told to "encrypt" their conversations so they wouldn't be audible on typical scanners available to the public. However, another officer says they don't have time to worry about encryption and information needs to be shared immediately with responding officers.

An officer at Belcher's home tells officers heading to the Truman Sports Complex that they believed Belcher was on his way to Arrowhead after shooting Perkins. A dispatcher says Belcher is involved in an armed confrontation with Pioli.

One officer is heard asking who Belcher is. "I don't know him. Is he white, black, what?" Officers responded that Belcher was a black male.

Officers asked for additional units to be sent to Arrowhead, even those out of the patrol zone, as well as a sergeant. Officers also asked for Arrowhead security to be contacted. One officer said, "Get me a rifle" in an apparent reference to a police sniper, who was then dispatched.

When the officer finally winds his way through the Truman Sports Complex parking lot and arrives at the practice facility, he gets out of his car and puts his hand on his weapon. He said he sees the Chiefs personnel negotiating with Belcher and, "I need a rifle ASAP." He also asks the multitude of responding officers to turn off their sirens.

The video ends before Belcher made the sign of the cross and bent down behind a vehicle and shot himself in the head.

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