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Community saves stray dog suffering from bullet wound


One gunshot to the back has left a Trussville stray dog, named Jackie by the community, with two big scars and ironically a new shot at life.

"Without them and what they did, she wouldn't be here right now," Marci Mitchum said.

Mitchum has been trying to rescue Jackie for a long time. The dog had become somewhat of a community pet in the Trussville area

"She would allow me to feed her from the hands but she never allowed touch anytime during the two years when I was feeding her," Mitchum said.

Marci started a Facebook page for the stray dog. Followers used it to document sightings of the animal and share pictures and videos of attempts to rescue her. Marci and others in the Trussville area would feed her and some people even put up a doghouse for shelter. But no one could ever get her off the streets.

"We tried all various sorts of things but no luck," Marci said.

Then one day Marci got a call that Jackie had been shot. Injured so badly that finally the dog had to give in to the those who had been working for years to rescue her.

"It was almost as if she was asking for help because she allowed me to pet her, love her, and get her to the vet," Marci said.

Rebecca Macks has been helping treat Jackie at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Moody.

"Whoever shot her was shooting to kill there's no doubt about it," Macks said.

She says the dog is lucky to be alive and will make a full recovery.

"It's very bittersweet. I'm very sad that she had to go through what she had to go through. That someone would do this to her but also it enabled us to get her off the streets and get her the help she needs," Marci said.

If you are interested in donating to Jackie or adopting her you can contact Crossroads Animal Hospital at 205-640-4327. You can also take a closer look at Jackie's story on her Facebook page by searching "Help Jackie, Hobo and their homeless family."

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