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6 ways to stay safe on Cyber Monday

You won't have to worry about getting tackled before you enter the store, but experts say Cyber Monday comes with its own kind of danger. It centers around how and where you type your personal information while online.

Before you hand over your account number, here are a few tips to pass along.

1) Check your Security Software

Anti-virus software should stop you from going to an unsafe shopping site.

2) Update your browser

The latest versions of browsers like firefox or internet explorer have additional safeguards.

3) Beware of email links

Some deals are too good to be true. if you have questions go directly to the store's website instead of clicking on that link.

4) Consider where you online shop

If you like to use your phone or tablet... look for a secure wifi network.

5) Buy from a secure site

Look for https in the web address and the small padlock icon when you begin making your payment. these things indicate that you are shopping on a secure site.

6) Protect your password

Create a new password for each site you make a purchase on. it is a lot of work but when it comes to protecting your password, it's worth it.

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