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Teen car crash survivor says Thanksgiving more meaningful than ever


It's been almost three weeks since 19-year-old Tyler Campbell lost control of his truck and crashed in a ravine on the Alabama/Tennessee state line.

Campbell and his family expressed why this Thanksgiving is even more meaningful than ever.

Campbell spent three days in the ravine, trapped, with broken bones and just the water in his taillight. He managed to climb to the side of Interstate 65 where a trucker spotted him and called 911.

Campbell's family said it's been an emotional three weeks for everyone.

"I appreciate life a lot more. I am thankful for life. It's a special thing," said Campbell.

His family said they've grown closer, though, and are seeing things different.

"I'll never take my family for granted and not that I did in the past, but it's just sweeter somehow," said Campbell's father, Lee Campbell.

His family said there are not enough words to express how grateful they are.

"I have a complete family and it absolutely didn't have to be that way," said Lee Campbell. "I could be missing my son. Me and my wife and youngest son could be trying to have a Thanksgiving with Tyler not here."

For Campbell, he said being here on Thanksgiving is nothing short of a gift from God.

"Don't take things for granted because tomorrow might not be here. You never know."

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