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Good Day Alabama for November 21, 2012

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for November 21, 2012:

BLACK FRIDAY ADS - Retailers are getting set for the busiest foot traffic day of the year- but only smart shoppers will know how to separate the bargains from the hype. KDFW Consumer reporter Steve Noviello showed us clever marketing maneuvers you should be looking out for as you scan the Black Friday ads this year such as how to read the fine print to notice the sale hours or comparisons to other ads. For more information, visit

BARGAIN MOM - Christie Dedman - the Birmingham Bargain Mom - joined us with advice on how to navigate all the Black Friday sales! She shared 9 shopping tips to help you navigate Black Friday sales (for veterans and rookies)

1. Match it: Ad matching is the key to saving money and time.

2. Watch the clock: Don't forget to factor in time spent in the check-out lines or waiting to pick up an item. You don't want to miss a sale because you didn't consider how long each stop would take.

3. Get a buddy: Find a veteran Black Friday shopper and team up. Charge your cell phones and make sure you have each others lists to split up and hit separate stores at the same time.

4. Security check: Ladies, leave the purses at home or in the trunk. Stick your keys, debit card and cell phone in your pockets or fanny pack. This is seri­ous shopping. Guys, take a money clip or move your wallet to the front pocket.

5. Keep receipts: You might get home and discover the doorbuster is a bust. Return it immediately.

6. Be loyal to your list: Don't get caught up in the shopping spree mental­ity. You'll buy more stuff than you need, and that will leave you frustrated and annoyed.

7. Be diplomatic with cashiers: If you run into issues with a cashier, who by the way will be tired and cranky too, then just simply ask for a manager. Pepper it with kindness.

8. Take snacks and liquids: Last year very few restaurants were open during Black Friday shopping hours. Nothing like being cranky, tired and hungry.

9. Don't loose hope and get angry if you don't snag your item, walk it off: When I say walk it off that means exactly what you think it means. Instead of yelling at the associate or cursing other shoppers, walk around the store. Your coveted item could be sitting on a shelf in a completely unrelated department.

Want to see some of the best deals? Check out the Bargain Mom's Black Friday 2012 price comparison list chart. Text "Black Friday" to 20566 and receive a the chart! Remember - standard message and data rates may apply. For more deals from the bargain mom visit

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joins us live from the Jimmie Hale Mission this morning. Workers and volunteers there are working to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for hundreds of people in need. Since 1944 The Jimmie Hale Mission has been a shelter for the homeless, a rest stop for the weary, a feeding station for the hungry, and a sanctuary for the hurting. For many, the Mission has not been their last stop but the first step toward a changed life. You can donate to help. The cost for one Thanksgiving meal is $1.95. For more information, call (205) 323-5878 or visit

ZOO CREW - Mickey visits with Ally Davis from the Birmingham Zoo to learn more about the turkey. For more information, visit

CLARE'S COOKING CLASS - Clare continued her cooking lessons at La Tavolo in Chelsea where she's learning some of the basics and to learn how to make a special Thanksgiving Dinner for her family. Today she learned how to stuff a turkey and needs some help from her husband, John. For more information, contact Mary Jo Gagliano at

ASK THE DOCTOR - Dr. Peily Soong from Children's Hospital took viewer questions about childrens' health issues. For more information, visit

GARDENING - Andrew Krebbs and Dolores Hydock join us with details on the upcoming events at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. One exciting event is the "Southern Tales: Holiday Songs, Stories - Southern Tales At The Gardens" featuring songs and stories from Bobby Horton (of Three on a String) and Dolores Hydock on Sunday, December 9 from 2-4 p.m. The cost is $20 for general admission. For more information, call (205) 414-3950 or visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, Chef Bob joins us in the Good Day Kitchen to show up tricks and pointers for making a fabulous Thanksgiving meal for your family! He also takes your questions about your turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce or anything else that pops up while preparing your Thanksgiving meal! Clare completes her Cooking Classes and she even brings in a dish for us to sample! Gearing up for Black Friday? We talk with our Tech Expert to get the insider scoop on the top gadgets! And Jeh Jeh continues his annual tradition… He heads to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a tree! That and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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