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Toomer's oaks significantly damaged by fire

Courtesy: Leanne Taunton Courtesy: Leanne Taunton

Auburn University's famous Toomer's Corner oaks are once again the scene of an odd event.

Last night, some toilet paper left on the trees caught fire. It happened at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Local firefighters put out the blaze quickly and no injuries were reported.

Auburn University's "Trees Task Force" examined the trees Monday morning and say there was "significant damage" to both oaks and several plants near the plaza. The trunks of both trees are black with soot, and several leaves at the base of the oaks are singed and burned.

It's not clear how, or why, the toilet paper started burning. Fans rolled the trees after Auburn's win against Alabama A&M. Police are reviewing video of the incident to try to determine if the fire was set intentionally.

This isn't the first time there has been a fire at the iconic corner. Captain Tom Stofer said fires have happened accidentally when someone dropped a cigarette and there have also been times when the flames were criminal in nature.

In January of 2011, Harvey Updyke, an avid Alabama football fan, admitted to a Birmingham radio show host to poisoning the trees after Auburn won the BCS National Championship.

Updyke's trial was originally set to start last June. The trial was delayed when Updyke confessed to poisoning the trees to a reporter outside the courtroom.

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