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Man sentenced for shooting K-9 officer "Bodi"

Frank Raven Frank Raven

The man responsible for a title pawn store robbery that ended with the shooting of Montgomery K-9 officer "Bodi" (pronounced Body) was sentenced Wednesday morning in Judge Tracey McCooey's courtroom.

Frank Raven was given 20 years for robbery in the first degree, 1 year for attempted assault of police officers and 1 year for the attempted killing of Officer Bodi. He pleaded guilty to the crimes in October.

Police were chasing Raven after he robbed the Title Pawn store on Atlanta Highway. Bodi located the hiding suspect, who then shot the dog as he approached. An officer then fired, shooting Raven in the leg.

Bodi was seriously injured, ultimately losing an eye in the shooting. The K-9 was later retired from the force and allowed to live with his handler.

Bodi died in July of an unrelated illness.

Raven said during the hearing that he wanted to apologize, adding that he had no intention of killing anyone or hurting the police dog. He claimed it was dark, and he was just protecting himself.

The judge agreed that Raven had no intention of harming the dog or scaring anyone, but added, "You're responsible for your actions, you put yourself in that situation. You weren't unable to know what you were doing."

Raven's attorney argued that with limited mental ability, the situation was intensified. The attorney also said the gun used was a BB gun and asked that the sentence be fair and split in order for his client to get mental health needs addressed.

The District Attorney countered saying it didn't matter what type of gun was used, arguing that by statutory definition, a gun was used in the crime.

Judge McCooey also admonished Raven for being off his medication, saying it was "no excuse".

The judge based sentencing on guilty pleas on previous cases, revoking probation.

"You're first going to go to Kilby (Correction Facility)," the judge told Raven. "They will put you somewhere to get mental treatment.  When you get out, take your medications. If you don't do it, you will be in another court someday."

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