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Hearing held to discuss legalization of medical marijuana

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State lawmakers will hold a hearing Wednesday to discuss the issue of legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Birmingham Representative Pat Todd believes there is a serious need for it. Under Todd's bill, the Alabama Public Health Department would issue cards saying a patient had a right to use up to 10 ounces a month for medical reasons.

Tood is not optimistic her bill will pass next year but she vows to continue the fight. Marijuana use for medicinal purposes is already legal in 17 states.

Inside the statehouse supporters told House members medical marijuana can help ease longterm pain but opponents, lead by the District Attorneys Association, said legalizing marijuana would be a logistical nightmare to set up dispensaries, verification systems and would invite drug cartels to operate in the state.

The chairman of today's hearing said in no uncertain terms that he doesn't see this bill making it to the House floor for a vote when the session starts in February.

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