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6 airline fees to avoid during holiday travel


Faster than wrapping paper flies off of Christmas gifts, holiday travel rates are rising everyday.

Here are six airline travel fees to avoid:

1. You may want to pack light. See if you can put everything in a carry on bag.  According to Smartertravel.com, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and U.S. Airways all charge $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second checked bag. Southwest does not charge for the first or second checked bag.

2) If you get cold while on the plane, you'll have to cough up $7 on U.S. Airways for a sleep set,  but on American, Delta, Southwest and United it's free.

3) What if you make a mistake? Some airlines will charge you to change your ticket. American charges $25, Delta's fee starts at $150, United's fee starts at $75, U.S. Airways starts at $150 and Southwest has no charge.

4) Check on a booking fee. American, Delta, United and US Airways all charge at least $25 to book your ticket in person or over the phone. Southwest does not charge a booking fee.

5) Pet fees. Cabin fees start at $125 for American, Delta, United and US Airways. It's $75 for Southwest.

6) If you get hungry grab your wallet. American charges $3-10 for food, $0-10 on Delta, $0-10 on United, $3-8 for food on U.S. Airways and the snacks on Southwest are free.

Remember to do your research before you book. Check websites like airfarewatchdog.com and farecompare.com for the latest information. The money you save on your airline ticket could be gobbled up in additional fees this holiday.

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