Barrett Jones helps his community

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Most Alabama fans are accustomed to seeing Barrett Jones on the football field. The senior center and 2011 Outland Trophy winner is a big part of the Crimson Tide's offensive line.
"As a football player," said head coach Nick Saban. "I don't know that I've been around another guy who can play every position on the offensive line and do it efficiently, effectively and win awards. Then still be as good a person as humble a person. Not very many people like him he's just special."

But, there's another side to the 6'5 300-pound student-athlete.

"Barrett has always had a thing about little kids," said Barrett's father, Rex Jones. "Even when he was growing up our neighbors watched the way he interacted with kids, which was fun for me because he's really just a big kid inside."

Not only has Barrett been able to make a deep impact on his community, but also his little brother, Harrison, a sophomore tight end for the Tide.
"He's done things the right way," Harrison said. "I want to model my life like that. That's something I can look at and say to myself that's where I want to go as well."

Barrett's already received All-American recognition, a pair of national championship rings and been named to the All-State AFCA Good Works team, but he still has another challenging obstacle to conquer that can provide him with an even bigger opportunity to reach people.

"He does have a goal to want to play in the NFL," Rex said "I told him if you never play another down of football it won't bother me or your mother or anyone else because we love you for who you are and not because you play football. Where he gets drafted will be another chapter in his life for him to really be able to go and start anther identity of who he is and be able to share with other people in a new area."

Barrett's faced this kind of adversity before, so he's not afraid of the challenges that will come his way.

"Lifes always going to knock you down," Barrett advised the students at Crossing Points. "But how are you going to pick yourself back up? You got two choices of how to react number one you can let the adversity beat you or number two you can stand strong and face the adversity head on and become a better person from it."

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