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NASCAR NOTES: Keselowski keeps things in perspective

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Competing for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, which is the highest prize in Motorsports, can be a very trying experience. However, Brad Keselowski has shown that he is up for the task, even at his young age.

Maturity in NASCAR's elite division usually takes many years to develop, but Keselowski is handling his title run like a seasoned veteran. The key is to keep things in the proper perspective.

"When you're at the racetrack you're in the zone and you want it really bad," said Keselowski on winning the Championship. "It's also important to maintain your sanity and to do the things that you did to get where you're at right now, and for me that's finding a happy spot in my life and my place and role as a human being on this earth."

Still, the young driver always keeps his eye on the ultimate prize for a racecar driver.

"Certainly my focus is on winning the championship," continued the young driver. "That's the primary focus of my life right now, and I don't see that changing."

Despite the pressure he is under to perform down the stretch, Keselowski finds time to help his teammates stay connected to their lives outside the track. In fact, in the heat of battle during last week's race, Keselowski found time to keep up with his teammates' fantasy football selections.

"One of my guys is on the fantasy football deal, and he had an opportunity to pick up Mikel Leshoure, who ran for three touchdowns and had a great day in and he turned him down," said Brad his radio transmission. "He was really, really upset about that, so I had to give him a little bit of business about that over the radio."

Had it not been for a few bad breaks in the last few races, Keselowski could have a seven-point lead instead of a seven-point deficit in the Chase. However, Keselowski is not letting those unfortunate times get him down.

"Those little things have fallen against us, and that's frustrating," continued Keselowski. "We're doing a great job of controlling what we can control, and those little breaks that we're not catching right now; they'll come back full circle."

Despite adversity, Keselowski has a definite plan for the last two weeks of the season.

"My goal is to go to the next two races and win," replied Brad when asked about his strategy to the finish. "That's quite frankly where my head is at, and we control our own destiny if we do that."

Keselowski has been up and down with the fans over his short career. Some like his brash ways and compare them to a young Darrell Waltrip. Others think his confident nature reflects disrespect to many veteran drivers. For me, he is a breath of fresh air amidst the vanilla style of most drivers in the garage. He has shown that he has real compassion for his fellow man off the track but, once he's behind the wheel, he's a man on a mission. It will be interesting to see how he handles the next few weeks, but regardless of the outcome, Brad is winning over a lot of his critics.

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