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Good Day Alabama for November 6, 2012

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for November 6, 2012:

Today is Election Day and we talked with several experts this morning for the latest on some of the big races.

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us from Center Point (1635 Barrington Circle NE, 35215) with today's Red Rock Tuesday. For more information on the many hiking trails and future plans, visit

MONEY TUESDAY -  It's not a topic anyone wants to have to discuss but it's reality that the divorce rate is around 50% in Alabama.  There are a lot of issues fincancially and otherwise that should be considered. Stewart Welch joined us with a look at 10 tips for couples going through a divorce.
1. It's most important to understand your current financial situation.
2. Separate your credit.  
3. Store up emergency cash.
4. Do future budget planning.
5. Consider tax consequences when splitting up assets.
6. Change your beneficiaries.
7. Consider your insurance needs.
8. Decide now how college will be funded.
9. Update your will and estate documents.
10. Mediate.  

For more information, visit

DR. ASA ON BREAKFAST - DR. Asa Andrew joined us this morning to talk about what to and not to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal... so it's important that you fuel up the right way. Dr. Asa looked at breakfasts like
     - egg beaters, waffles, syrup, orange & OJ vs. Whole eggs, fresh fruit, Green Tea
     - Milk, Lucky Charms vs. Oatmeal w/ protein powder
     - regular yogurt with sugar, coffee vs Plain greek yogurt, fresh berries, green tea

For more information from America's Health and Lifestyle Coach Asa Andrew, MD, visit

GARDENING - Sandra Reaves joined us to discuss winter gardening. She showed us plants that are growing right now.  She showed us some Red Giant Asian mustard which tolerates temps down to 20 degrees with ease, big beautiful turnip greens, Tendergreens - a stable cross between mustard and spinach, Baby Scotch Blue kale which is a hardy superfood, a small Old Timey Bluestem collard, Kohlrabi, and frost crystals on collards. For more information, visit her Facebook page - it includes lots of pictures, tips, how to videos, and info on veggie trials going on in the garden.  It's a "real time, real life" look at home gardening and food preservation. You can find her at

- Susan Swagler writes about about books at her "Turn the Page" blog and in Birmingham Magazine. She introduced us to books to get cozy and get cooking. She mixed smart and thrilling novels with gift-ready cookbooks one of which you can find signed at local bookstores.
     Tasia's Table:  Cooking with the Artisan Cheesemaker at Belle Chevre  by Tasia Malakasis
     The Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva
     Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss by Buddy Valastro
     Lola's Secret by Monica McInerney

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama
, FOX6 remains your election headquaters! We rundown the winners of the big races around the state and across the nation! From new technology in gallbladder surgery to general surgery questions, the doctor joins us in the studio to take your questions! Mickey takes to meet his friends at the Birmingham Zoo! Plus we check out your entertainment headlines ... that and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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