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Can't cast a ballot? Vote with your gum

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(RNN) - According to U.S. laws, a person must be an American citizen at least 18 years of age to vote for president.

However, a less official - and perhaps cruder - display of democracy only requires an opinion and a chewed up piece of Wrigley that's lost its taste.

Posters going up around parts of the country feature the faces of President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, asking voters to stick a piece of gum on the face of the candidate they dislike the most.

It's slightly less scientific than Gallup polling or an actual ballot - but does allow minors and non citizens to have their say in the election process. began the project during the 2008 election. The site says the project is designed to encourage people to vote as well as "keeping the city a little cleaner."

Because gum being stuck to posters is not being stuck to the concrete - or the bottom of your shoe.

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