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Auburn football star supports cancer patient

Philip Lutzenkirchen and Bailey Moody (photo source WBRC) Philip Lutzenkirchen and Bailey Moody (photo source WBRC)

Philip Lutzenkirchen is the No.1 scoring tight end in Auburn history. He also owns AU's single-season record for touchdowns at his position. He's had not one, not two, but three game-winning touchdowns to his name. And while Philip's thankful for his recognition on the field it's not how the well-known Auburn figure wants the world to remember him.

"Football is football," Lutzenkirchen said. "At some point its going to end for me. I'd much rather be known for what I've done off of the field and impacting peoples lives than how many touchdowns or catches I've had."

Although Philip isn't one to talk publicly about his off the-field service, his team has noticed that he isn't your normal run-of the mill division one athlete.

"Just to see the way he impacts lives not just as a football player, but as an Auburn man. As a guy that's really a Christ-ly man that lives his life right. Kids are touched by him. When he speaks they listen."

Visiting struggling children isn't anything out of the ordinary for Philip. So when he got wind of an 11-year old girl named Bailey from his hometown of Atlanta who was recently diagnosed with bone cancer he jumped at the opportunity.

"It was cool watching him walk up," said Bailey Moody. "He was coming to see me. He was huge. He heard I had cancer and was having surgery soon. He wanted to cheer me up."

It's clear Philip's friendship has made a deep impact on Bailey who went from playing guard for her gradeschool basketball team to hearing a bone cancer diagnosis within a matter of 48 hours. For Bailey having a sports-figure like Philip to look to was exactly what she needed.
"He recognizes that he's got an opportunity to do more with playing football than just being on the field on Saturdays," said Bailey's father, Patrick Moody. "He recognizes that he can use that to make a difference elsewhere. That's important to him and you can tell he takes it very seriously."

Even if Philip goes go down in the record-books as Auburn's greatest tight-end, Bailey and the Moody's are certain his impact on their family will be remembered much more than what he accomplished on the field.

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