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EPA: Hyundai and Kia overstated their fuel efficiency

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They pride themselves on fuel efficiency and with great miles per gallon. But a recent audit of tests performed by the Environmental Protection Agency could have Hyundai and Kia shelling out millions of dollars to customers.

"We discovered that we may have overstated the economy ratings for some of our vehicles," Jim Trainor with Hyundai corporate said. 

Trainor said the issue came up early this year. He said all 2011-2013 models except the Sonata are off in their miles per gallon fuel efficiency by three percent.

"Say you thought you were going to get 27 miles per gallon and now you're getting 26. Then based on the fuel prices in your area and the actual miles driven we will give them a debit card now and for as long as they own the car," said Trainor. 

In that three year span Trainor said roughly 35 percent of all vehicles sold nationwide fall into this category. 

The company is also adding an additional 15 percent to customers reimbursement for inconvenience. 

If a customer sold their car they can still get a reimbursement for the amount of time you owned it. 

When asked if this is going to hurt the company financially Trainor said, "We made a mistake here. We need to fix it and if it costs us some money so be it." 

Right now, he said the main concern is pleasing the customer and rebuilding people's trust.

To get an estimate calculation of a reimbursement log onto:

hyundaimpginfo.com and kiampginfo.com.

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