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Editorial comments: Voting

The following are coments to an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Thursday, November 1, 2012:

Edith Roebuck

Everybody should get out and vote because we need some new people coming in. It's up to everybody to get out there and vote so they won't be griping because their person didn't win. And if you pick a good one then we're going to have a good world to go around. But if you pick a bad one it gonna be bad. So, get out there and vote and God bless you.

Evan wrote

Question. Would a university hire its head coach, or a business hire an executive based on how the people voted?  Let's assume they did, would this team have a winning year and this business profit and grow, or would the team would be a loser and the business goes under. What makes the typical voter even a little bit qualified to put the right person in office?  Is there better way for getting the most qualified person in office to run our country and having the best minds make the decisions that affect us all? Do you realize this city, county, state and country in going under? 

Nancy Gadsden

I was wanting to tell you I thought your comment was very 'swaysive to the other, like you were trying to sway someone's vote. Uh, we could clearly tell that you was not an Obama fan. Uh and I think if that's what you're on air to do, I think you need to keep your judgement to yourself.

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