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Line King channels Munson, picks Bama, sets Electoral College over/under

(RNN) - What do you get at the confluence of Halloween, Superstorm Sandy, the last week of what seems like a decade-long presidential election campaign and dang, even Breeders Cup?

How about Georgia in control of its own destiny and maybe some Bulldog ghosts from the past?

As The Line King's old friend Larry Munson might have said – "Wait, you're telling me we still got a chance?"

Wait, the same Georgia team that looked "worse than bonkers" during the Carolina game? Wait, the same team whose fan base was looking to "kick the whatchamacallit" out of Richt earlier and is now dreaming of "sugar falling from the sky?"

Yes, that same Georgia. And to think, while there hasn't been any "My God, he's only a freshman" or "Run, Lindsay, run" moments, there have been a few chairs broken along the way, "a metal steel chair with about a 5-inch cushion."

If Georgia can run the table - and who wouldn't be able to - they have Mississippi and Auburn staring at them over the next two weeks (Vandy could even do that, but not Kentucky), the "Hunker Down you hairy Dogs" will play in the $EC Money Bank Championship game against Bammer. Which raises the question: How bad is the $EC East?

OK, so The Line King's grandfather said to NEVER talk about politics or religion in front of strangers and since The Line King doesn't know the political or religious affiliations of the three people who read this article, he will refrain from making an outright prediction.

However, The Line King will nonetheless make a stab at next week's Presidential Electoral College final score - the maximum number of electoral votes for each candidate. Watch New Hampshire next Tuesday. If the Granite State goes for Obama, then a 269-269 tie is in the realm of possibility and would give us the best outcome – total chaos and maybe a real 16-team playoff at last.

Obama 284 o/u

Romney 295 o/u

The Line King is looking to step on the face and break this season's nose with a hobnail boot. After going 4-2 last week, now would be a good time to press your man down to the ground. I say that all the time, only to be relegated to strong drink and cans of Vienna sausages by the end of Saturday.

Missouri at No. 7 Florida (7-1, 6-1), Noon ET, ESPN2

Florida has to hope Georgia will lose to either Mississippi or Auburn. That is about as certain as The Line King winning next year's World Series of Poker (congrats to this year's winner Greg Merson – in an epic, 12-hour, 400-hand Final Table). For Missouri, this game won't feel epic, but it certainly will feel like it lasts about 12 hours. Take the Gators.

Vanderbilt (-7) at Kentucky, Noon ET, ESPNU

Imagine the excitement of being the Vandy fan. A bowl game is well within reach - just beat these people and you're in! Then imagine the sheer nightmare it would be losing to this mess? Not gonna happen. The O/U for the number of times the Wildcats make it past the 50? Maybe 4. Take the ‘Dores and book your room down the street for the Music City Bowl.

Troy (4-4) at Tennessee (3-5, 0-5), Noon ET, ESPN3 – which means no TV

Two train wrecks limp into Neyland Stadium – albeit at different levels. Tennessee, which probably spends more on football than Troy does for its entire athletic budget, new books for the library and gas for the campus policeman's car, is in dire need of something. And Troy's defense couldn't stop The Line King passing and our old editor friend Skeeter Brown running if it had to. A sad state of affairs considering this program produced Demarcus Ware and Osi Umenyoira. The over/under on this game should be about 100. My brain says no, my heart says yes, but my gut says stay away from this mess. The Line King is taking Troy, but please bear in mind it is out of respect for a great man.

New Mexico State (+23) at Auburn, Noon p.m. ET, ESPN3 – why?

Auburn is rumored to be searching for a new head coach and new athletic director. Nobody cares about this game and even more sad than that - The Line King is taking NMSU.

Tulsa at Arkansas (-7.5) 12:21 p.m. ET, SEC Network

Arkansas is on the verge of nothing. Tulsa thinks they can win. That's exactly why you take the Hogs and not turn to this game EVER. Catch the score later, after several swigs of cool, refreshing hops pop. This game and the Barn game are what you call either "brilliant" or "foolish."

Mississippi (5-3, 2-2) at No. 6 Georgia (7-1, 5-1) 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

Oh boy, the Black Bear Rebel fans must be all riled up for this one. Making the CBS Game of the Week must be validation of their greatness. CBS is going "who else should we have taken?"

No. 1 Alabama (-9.5) at No. 5 LSU 8:00 p.m. ET, CBS

Interestingly and weirdly enough, the visiting team just dominates this series. But so does the underdog. A conundrum in this situation. It was also ol' Nick's birthday this week (on Halloween. Coincidence?), so The Line King will go with that as the deciding factor. You $EC homers better hope Bammer wins, otherwise we are looking at a Kansas State – Oregon BC$ Mythical Championship game. Death Star Commissioner Darth Slive would demand a recount or a real playoff. No worries here or in the foreseeable future – take the Red Elephants.

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