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Cullman restaurant's menu found 100 miles away


A service bell and a sign, to many people it's nothing special. For Kitty Spears, it's what remains from Cullman's Busy Bee Café after April 27th's tornado destroyed her business. Now, thanks to a man in Hollywood, Alabama, she has another piece of her restaurant back.

"He said, it looks rough but it's still legible. He had found my menu in his field while he was preparing it for the deer hunting season," said Kitty.

Kitty said she got a call from the man, who lives more than a hundred miles away. After finding the menu he asked if she would like it back.

"He researched it on the internet and he found that we were still in business and that we re-opened on the one year anniversary and he thought that we might enjoy having it back," said Kitty.

Without hesitation, Kitty's answer was clear.

She said, "Definitely I want it back, yeah."

Everything inside is still the same except for one thing; the prices. They've gone up a little after having to rebuild from scratch. Seeing the weathered menu was not only a delight for Kitty but her long standing customers.

"Everyone wanted to touch it and look at it and they start reminiscing because they remember too," said Kitty.

She said it's one more piece to remember how far she and her family have come in rebuilding a staple in downtown Cullman.

"It brought back a lot of memories for me and I'm just glad to have it," said Kitty.

Kitty plans to frame the menu along with the note that it came with from the man who found it. If you're wondering how business is doing she said they have tripled business since rebuilding.

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