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Pear and Almond Tarte

Chef Franklin Biggs
Pepper Place Market
Pear and Almond Tarte
For 2 tartes

1 batch  your favorite pie dough recipe (or 1 package pre rolled pie crust)
2 cups  almonds, skinned
1 cup   sugar granulated
½  cup   butter
1 TB  flour
3 each  eggs
3 each  pears, preferably Bartlett or Anjou, ripe, but firm
as needed sugar, granulated for glazing

Chop almonds and sugar in food processor, adding butter in bits until somewhat smooth.
Add eggs and flour, and process until smooth.  Do not over process as it will curdle if it gets too warm.
Line tarte pan or pie pan with rolled out dough.
Chill and reserve.
Spread the reserved almond cream in the lined tarte pan.
Peel, quarter and core pears.
Slice crosswise, while keeping the form of the pear.
Place the pears equally around the almond cream, pressing in gently.
Sprinkle with sugar to glaze
     Bake until golden brown.
     Cool, slice and eat

GDA Cooking - October 9, 2012

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