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McCalla nursing home shut down with little warning

Workers removing furniture from the nursing home, which closed today. Source: Vanessa Araiza Workers removing furniture from the nursing home, which closed today. Source: Vanessa Araiza

A nursing home closure in McCalla is leaving employees with many questions.

"I've got bills. My rent is due today," said Judy Hyde, an employee with Tannehill Haven Assisted Living.

Hyde was in tears Friday. She is one of dozens of Tannehill Haven employees who have suddenly found themselves without a job.

Employees tell FOX6 News that Tannehill Haven Nursing Home managers informed them Tuesday, Oct. 2 via conference call that the facility would be shutting down Friday, Oct. 5.

"At 10 o'clock Tuesday morning Danny from Clear Point came in and told us that Skip Dotherow and Tom Miller had decided to close the facility down," said Andrea Elam, an employee with Tannehill Haven.

Elam has worked at the facility for seven and a half years. Though none of the employees were told why the assisted living facility is being closed Elam said there have been issues.

"Last year state came in. We had a horrible review so they called a management solution," said Elam.

Elam said they brought in a company to get their files straight and the business in order. She said the company is great but not enough to save Tannehill Haven or dozens of jobs.

"Personally it makes me sick to my stomach how they done this to these people, they are cowards," said Rebecca Whitehead, an employee with the center.

While employees like Rebecca Whitehead said goodbyes others loaded up what they could into a U-haul.

Employees said 36 patients began to be transferred Thursday afternoon into Friday.

"All the patients were so scared that's what was so sad because they didn't know where they were going," said Elam.

As for the employees, some say they'll be okay but for others like Hyde she doesn't know where to go from here.

"I've worked here for 11 years. Now, I don't know what I'll do," said Hyde.

FOX6 News tried reaching out to the owners multiple times but didn't get a response. Employees say they have been calling, texting and even faxing them to get an answer on when they will see their paycheck.

They said they've been ignored and also say this is the third time they haven't received a paycheck on time. Now, they're thinking about suing.

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