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What if the NFL ran Google? Replacement Google skews search results

Replacement Google gives users skewed results. (Source: Replacement Google gives users skewed results. (Source:

(RNN) - When you Google the phrase "cat videos," you get cat videos.

When you Replacement Google the phrase "cat videos," you get something akin to the blown calls made by the NFL's replacement refs.

Meaning, you get results about turtles. Or Power Rangers. Or Grover Cleveland. Or Larry Byrd YouTube videos. Or anything but cat videos. is designed to give the kind of search results Google would give if Google were run by replacements like the NFL. In other words, totally inaccurate results.

"I guess Google had a big fight with their search algorithm so they've brought in a replacement," tweeted site designer Erik Johnson.

Results will be unique for each search, but a quick Replacement Google search of the term "NFL" yielded 425,000 results on Antiques in Hollywood, FL.

Replacement Google "iPhone 5" and you get results for "My personal Kevin Bacon number."

Replacement Google the phrase "Replacement Google" and results for Sonic Drive-In Restaurant pop up.

Since the site went up Tuesday, nearly 400,000 visitors have gotten erroneous results and lots of laughs, including apparently Google itself, which tweeted a link to the site.

The NFL officially reached a tentative agreement to end the referee lock out late Wednesday after a controversial call by replacement referees cost the Green Bay Packers a victory Monday night. Fans and players blew up Twitter to decry the call and push for the NFL to end the lock out.

Now that it's over, Johnson may have a new project on his hands.

"Replacement Bing will be sponsored by the NHL," he tweeted.

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