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Family holds vigil for slain mother


Family members are desperate for answers surrounding the death of a woman, whose body was found dumped along a Jefferson County road. They held a candlelight vigil for 22-year-old Antanisha Dawson Wednesday night. Loved ones call her "Nisha."

The family say whoever killed her robbed a one-year-old boy of ever having memories of his mother. They say her son is still asking for his mommy.

Nisha's father says he just can't make sense of this tragedy.

"She has been a sweet child and I don't understand why someone would do this to her," said her father, Michael Owens. "Words cannot describe how hard it is to see, identify your daughter. She's gone. (It's) been a hard time."

A friend says she last saw Nisha around eleven, the night before she was killed. She said Nisha sent her a text message a few hours later, asking if she was awake. Her friend responded to the text the next morning when she woke up, but never got a response from Nisha.

Officials have no leads in her death.

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