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'EZ Moves' gets a not so easy review

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - How many times have you had to move heavy, bulky furniture? It can be a pain and even dangerous to your back. Now the 'EZ Moves' is suppose to make that move much easier and even safer, but does it really work? I put it to the test to find out.

After a viewer request, we purchased the 'EZ Moves' at a local Walgreens store. I found that it comes with eight skid pads to put under your furniture and a unique power bar that resembles more of a barbaric boomerang! However, it claims to give you 10 times your normal strength to pick up heavy furniture. Keep in mind, some assembly is required for this piece!

I tested the 'EZ Moves' first on a sofa in our newsroom. I used the power bar to lift each corner of the sofa and then slid a skid pad under each leg. The power bar seemed to work just fine in lifting the not so heavy furniture, and the skid pads did aid a bit in moving the sofa around. But, I wondered how it would work on a real heavy piece of furniture?

I found a large, heavy desk in our sports department. I used the power bar to lift the desk and installed four of the skid pads underneath. Then came the actual moving test. It wasn't that easy! It didn't seem to help all that much to me. The 'EZ Moves' allowed me to enjoy a smooth push as I almost pushed my guts out! I was lead to believe by the commercial that it would actually help take a lot of the weight off of items to make the moving around part much easier. It doesn't.

Since I wasn't real impressed with the way the 'EZ Moves' performed on a heavy piece of furniture, I decided to put it's own claim it could move a car to the test. We went to Downtown Ford for the test.

The infomercial shows a man lifting the car with the power bar, then easily moving the car with the skid pads underneath all four wheels. I somehow just knew that the power bar was NOT going to lift a car, so with the help of a showroom employee, we rolled the 2,600 pound Mustang onto the skid pads. Once in place, I pushed with all my might, but still was unable to move the car even a fraction of an inch.

So, in the end, I find that the 'EZ Moves' works well with 'light' furniture. If you plan on moving anything very heavy, I would recommend you call a few friends to help out. The 'EZ Moves' in my opinion won't do the job for heavy moving.



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